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'EventSentry Light', and 'DesktopCal'

EventSentry Light This real-time log, server, and network monitoring program is designed to help IT professionals manage their infrastructure. It provides instant updates any time an important event occurs on a system or network. ... EventSentry Light provides users with advanced log monitoring, advanced notifications, and community support. DesktopCal Never miss a meeting, appointment, or phone call again with Desktop Calendar. This handy little tool -- which is fully customizable -- helps you keep track of your schedule by placing reminders right ... (view more)

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'EventSentry', and 'Flagfox 4.2.7'

EventSentry Want to prevent expensive and frustrating disruptions on your system? Then try out EventSentry, which notifies you as soon as a critical event happens on your system. This highly-customizable program can alert you if your ... system is suffering from a defective hard drive, performance bottlenecks, and more! Flagfox 4.2.7 Want to know the current web server's physical location? Flagfox provides you that information in a quick and seamless way. It's an extension that displays a flag icon indicating the location of the current web server. Simple, ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Kodu Game Lab 1.2.88', and 'EventSentry'

Microsoft Kodu Game Lab 1.2.88 Kodu is new, free software that lets users create games on the PC and Xbox with a simple visual programming language. Intended for children, Kodu helps to teach creativity, problem solving, and storytelling, as well as ... computer programming. Anyone can use Kodu, even adults. It is available to PC users at no charge. EventSentry Failed service? Defective hard drive? Now you can be notified immediately when important events occur inside your computer, so you can take corrective action before the event snowballs. EventSentry has ... (view more)

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