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Report: Microsoft Bugs 'Most Exploited' by Hackers

According to a recent report, Microsoft products made up eight of the ten most exploited software bugs last year according to a security company. That's higher than in recent years, largely because Adobe Flash is becoming a less rewarding target for ... hackers as it loses popularity. As recently as 2015, most of the top ten involved bugs with Flash. Microsoft took the unwanted lead in 2017 with seven entries on the list. (Source: bleepingcomputer.com ) Internet Explorer Tops The List The top spot for 2018 went to a bug in the Windows VBScript engine . That's a tool that handles code designed for ... (view more)

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Java Flaw: Web Users Vulnerable to Attack

Internet users are now being warned about a new zero-day security vulnerability in Java software that could allow a hacker to gain unauthorized access to their computers. The vulnerability is related to a recently-discovered flaw in the popular Java ... software system, which is used all over the web to create a great many applications and associated plug-ins. Security experts say even fully-updated installations of Java are vulnerable to this new round of attacks. Only by completely disabling the Java browser plug-in can Internet users be sure their computers are safe from hackers attempting to ... (view more)

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