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8 Ways to Protect Your Backups from Ransomware

Infopackets Reader Bob S. writes: " Dear Dennis, ... [I run an accounting firm and was recently hit with a ransomware attack which encrypted over 70,000 of my files . I nearly lost everything, though I was finally able to overcome this and recover ... my data through your help] ... What I need is a comprehensive backup solution that will allow me to automate my backups - which means having the backup drive attached to my system 24/7 - yet, the backup drive must be protected such that ransomware cannot spread to the drive and encrypt my backup data. If that were to happen, my backups would be ... (view more)

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Move Files from Old (Non-Bootable) Laptop to New Laptop?

Infopackets Reader 'Kapilarora' writes: " Dear Dennis, I own two laptops. One laptop is not booting (I.E.: I can't load Windows on it) and therefore, I can't access my files. The second laptop works fine, and I want to transfer all my data from the ... first laptop to the second laptop. How can I do this? " My Response: There are a number of ways to do this. In short, my suggestion is to get the non-bootable laptop temporarily working (bootable), copy over all your files over to an external harddrive, then copy them back onto the other laptop. This will surely be the fastest method as you won't ... (view more)

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Shopping for an External Harddrive: USB, eSATA or Firewire?

Infopackets Reader 'Kim' writes: " Dear Dennis, I am studying photography and I need an easy to use external harddrive (HD) to store lots of memory. Could you please suggest a good exterior hard drive. By the way, what is the difference between ... eSATA, Firewire and USB external HDs? " My Response: There is an easy answer to your question, but let's first break down the basics to better understand what your options are. Acronyms: eSATA, USB, and Firewire: What does it mean? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. eSATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. Firewire is not an acronym ... (view more)

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