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'ExtractNow 4.7.5', and 'ImageTools 3.4'

ExtractNow 4.7.5 ExtractNow is a free Windows software tool that allows you to quickly and conveniently extract the data files stored in one or more archives. This program features an easy-to-use Windows Explorer-style interface, so you can easily ... search through folders to find the files you want. ExtractNow supports most major archive formats. http://www.extractnow.com ImageTools 3.4 ImageTools allows you to capture screenshots and adjust images on your Windows computer, and then easily share your image creations with others. Using this program, you can easily resize, crop, rotate, flip, and ... (view more)

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'Office 2010 Trial Extender', and 'ExtractNow'

Office 2010 Trial Extender Microsoft Office 2010 normally needs to be activated after 30 days, or else it stops working. Corporate users are allowed to "rearm" the Office suite five times, allowing them a total of 180 days for evaluating the ... product before they must buy it or stop using it. But private users are not given this same privilege. This free software tool allows anyone to "rearm" the Office suite of software five times. Just re-apply before the 30 days trial expires. Note: the software may sometimes warn that the Office suite has already been rearmed ... (view more)

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'ExtractNow 4.4.5', and 'Hornil StylePix'

ExtractNow 4.4.5 ExtractNow is a simple utility that allows you to extract multiple archives (.ZIP, .RAR files, etc) quickly and easily. ExtractNow is not a complete archival solution; instead, its main purpose it to allow the user to extract ... multiple archives with minimal effort. http://www.extractnow.com Hornil StylePix Hornil Stylepix is a free graphics editing program. It's light and powerful photo and image editor with professional tools for mid-range of users. StylePix helps you to create nice pictures easily and quickly. If you don't use the image editor or think it is difficult to use ... (view more)

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