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Bill Gates Tells Grads Not to Focus on Wealth

Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates recently told Stanford University's graduating class to focus on more than amassing personal fortunes. It's an ironic statement for a man who, according to Forbes magazine, is worth an estimated $78.4 ... billion. Gates made his appeal on Sunday, June 15, in a commencement address before a crowd of 5,000 students departing one of America's most prestigious universities. Stanford University is one of the world's leading research universities known for both its entrepreneurial character and its relationship to Silicon Valley. Gates spoke ... (view more)

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Time to Break Up Microsoft? Paul Allen Thinks So

The man who helped Bill Gates found Microsoft says he thinks it's time to break up the massive Redmond, Washington-based tech firm. Paul Allen says Microsoft should consider spinning off some of its businesses, including Bing search and Xbox. Allen ... and Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. Today, Allen holds a $2 billion stake in the firm. Allen didn't speak directly to the media on this issue. Instead, Paul Ghaffari, the chief investment officer who manages Allen's $15 billion fortune, made the statements on behalf of Allen at the Financial Times Investment Management Summit. Microsoft Distracted ... (view more)

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More Content, Fewer Ads; Now Accepting Donations

To our Valued Readers, In our quest to improve upon and overall visitor satisfaction to our site, we've rolled out some major changes this past week and will continue to make improvements in the weeks ahead. Some of the changes we've ... rolled out this past week include: additional content: 5 more articles per week added: payment link for donations by PayPal, card, and by mail inclusion of "How To" articles to the site removal of Vibrant Media ads (blue double-underscore links / pop up ads) removal / change of Google ads added: 'Help Support Infopackets' tab at top of page ... (view more)

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'Move Ie 7 Classic Menu To Top', and 'Clear Focus Call Centre'

Move Ie 7 Classic Menu To Top Move IE 7 classic menu to where it belongs! Not sure anyone knows this but you can move the File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help buttons to the top of the IE7 browser with a couple of simple steps. ... Clear Focus Call Centre Clear Focus Call Centre is the first completely free multi-user call centre software available on the market today for Windows PC's. This is a fully functioning standalone product with no time expiry, limitations or costly licensing. Clear Focus is designed with the SME in mind and offers various deployment ... (view more)

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