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Top 5 Online Scams to Avoid this Holiday Shopping Season

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday officially behind us, Christmas is fast approaching. As such, online scamsters are working overtime to swindle as many victims as possible in response to the increased online traffic that comes with the bustling ... holiday season. Responding to the issue is the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Better Business Bureau (BBB), and security software companies McAfee and F-Secure, which have all offered their take on the five most pertinent scams that online shoppers will face this year. Scam #1: The Free iPad It seems as if iPad-related scams began popping up ... (view more)

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Create and Modify a Form: MS Word

Forms, such as contracts and applications, are standard text documents with form fields inserted throughout where you fill in the blanks. You can create forms that will be used on screen, or printed and filled out on paper. Typically, you save the ... form as a template. Saving the form as a template offers two main advantages: it can be reused without changing the original and it's easier for the user to fill it in. Follow the steps below to create a form: Launch MS Word if it isn't already open. Start a new, blank document. Type in the standard headings and text that will appear in each ... (view more)

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