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'Junction Link Magic', and 'Freenigma'

Junction Link Magic Junction Link Magic is a utility that lets you create junction points with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista. Junction Link Magic automatically lists existing junction points, and it offers an easy interface to add, modify or ... remove junction points. Freenigma Adds privacy technology -- with strong e-mail encryption -- to your favourite webmail service. Supports not only Google Mail, but all large webmail services. Freenigma encrypt your e-mails in Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, plus others. Encrypt your private and business e- ... (view more)

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'Freenigma', and 'Downutube'

Freenigma Today, all your e-mails are stored and sent around the planet in plain text. And today you have no control over what happens to your private or business e-mail conversations and you can't prevent others from reading them. Get your privacy ... back! Encrypt your private and business e-mails to protect your freedom, privacy and your business secrets. Downutube Download quicktime movies and flash video files from,, youtube and from many others. (view more)

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