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Digital Photocopiers Store Everything They Scan: Report

The digital photocopier in your home or office could offer a hacker a gateway to your personal or sensitive data. Unbeknownst to many, nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive -- similar to the one in your personal computer ... -- that stores images of every document copied, scanned, or emailed by the machine. Company Warns of Risks Associated with Digital Copiers Digital Copier Security, a Sacramento-based business known for their hard-drive scrubbing software 'INFOSWEEP', has been trying to warn people about the potential risk with little luck. A CBS News investigation ... (view more)

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Have Trouble Formulating Excel Functions?

If you find that you have difficulty when trying to formulate a function in MS Excel, you are not alone. A lot of folks fall into this trap; you can sometimes feel as if you are in a maze when you start to figure out which arguments are necessary to ... formulate your functions and it can be mind-bending at times. There is a way to demystify this for you and help you along so that you can actually see the arguments necessary to complete your function. Follow the steps below to learn more:As an example, if you are using the PMT function to calculate a loan payment: Start your function as you ... (view more)

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Adding Times in MS Excel

You can add times in MS Excel using the =SUM worksheet function. All you have to do is enter all of your times as HH:MM:SS, and then use SUM to add them. You may omit the :SS if you like. By default, Excel will display the sum of times in ... time-of-day format, such that adding 12:30 + 12:45 will give you a total of 01:15. You can prevent MS Excel from rolling over at twenty-four hours by formatting the total cell as [h] :SUM, which will cause the total to display as 25:15 rather than 01:15. Another way of adding times is to use the TIME function. Follow along below: To add 2 hours, 30 minutes ... (view more)

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Easy Access to Functions in MS Excel

If you use lots of functions in MS Excel, you may want to know a simple and efficient way to enter functions without accessing the Insert menu. Well guess what? I'm going to show you just how to do that ! Follow the steps below, using a keyboard ... shortcut: Depress SHIFT + F3. This will open the Paste Function dialog box. From there, you select the function category and then specify the actual function. Excel will display the function's arguments and hints about the function. Using the Paste Function dialog box will keep you from making typos and argument errors. When you become a member at ... (view more)

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