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'Gen Control', and 'Ipanto Lite'

Gen Control GenControl is a simple desktop remote control program for Windows 2000 or Windows NT networks. It allows the authorized administrator to remotely control the desktop of another machine over a Windows-based network for any purpose, for ... example: remote administration of servers, remote support, and training. Ipanto Lite Unify IP Management: Ipanto Lite is a user-friendly and intuitive Web GUI, reporting IP utilization and history. Ipanto Lite is provided with a license of 255 nodes (a node is an active IP address on your network or ... (view more)

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'Clock Gen', and 'Upgrade A 32-Bit Computer To 64-Bit'

Clock Gen ClockGen is an program dedicated to overclocking. Its main purpose is to change the system clocks on the fly: FSB (Front Side Bus) and GSB (Graphic Side Bus). ClockGen also provides some functions that allow you to improve and monitor your ... overclock. Upgrade A 32-Bit Computer To 64-Bit A large part of computers manufactured today are in fact already 64-bit regarding the hardware, but they only operate in a 32-bit software environment. There may even be users who do not suspect that their computers are actually 64-bit; so before purchasing a brand new ... (view more)

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