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'NetGear Genie', and 'Dashlane 1.7.8'

NetGear Genie This program provides you with a number of useful tools for monitoring, managing, and repairing your home or business network. Meanwhile, its 'My Media' feature allows you to play music and video files from anywhere in your ... network. Dashlane 1.7.8 Having a hard time keeping track of your many different passwords? Then check out Dashlane, a password manager for the Android mobile operating system. It safely stores your data and then automatically fills log-in and password forms for you upon visiting a trusted site. This ... (view more)

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'NetGear Genie', and 'SnapCrab 1.0.3'

NetGear Genie NetGear Genie is designed to help you easily monitor, manage, and repair your Windows-based home computer network. You can remotely control all of the media stored on your network with NetGear Genie's MyGear feature. This ... software utlity will also allow you to send a document to a network-connected printer from an iPhone or iPad, using its convenient AirPrint feature. SnapCrab 1.0.3 SnapCrab for Windows is a photo capture software tool that can capture and print any part of your computer's display. Capture the image on the whole screen or any part ... (view more)

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