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Single Character Could Crash Windows PC

A single character from ancient English could crash a Windows 10 PC, thanks to an odd security glitch. It's been patched in the most recent Windows updates, making it an important fix for those who download updates manually. The bug appears to work ... in most major browsers and involves the Æ symbol. If that isn't clear on your device, it's the symbol that looks like a capital A in italics squashed into a capital E. The symbol, sometimes called "ash" in English, has been used to designate specific sounds in several language over the past few thousand years. In old English it was a sound ...<a href="/news/10902/single-character-could-crash-windows-pc" class="more-link">view more

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Cloudflare 'CPU Spike' Glitches 16M Sites

One of the most important services on the Internet went down for around an hour this week, causing widespread problems on other sites. The glitch is a reminder of how fragile some aspects of the Internet are. Cloudflare is a website that offers ... several free and paid services designed to make websites more efficient. Two of its main services are traffic filtering and web caching. The former involves web traffic between a user and a website going through Cloudflare. During this process, the client machine is checked for signs of malicious activity. This can involve attempted hacking, but also ... (view more)

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Software Glitch Exposes 600 Student Accounts Online

Ryerson University students and their families are very concerned this morning amidst reports that 600 student accounts were leaked through a software glitch that exposed Social Insurance numbers and personal information. Although the problem was ... first reported to the Toronto, Canada school's information and privacy coordinator Heather Driscoll as early as December 27, the university was unable to correct the situation, which it may have felt was a one-time occurrence. "Based on the information from the first student we could get the scope of the problem," Driscoll admitted. "But we didn't ... (view more)

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