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MS Looks to Ad Creativity with Internal Corp Merger

Microsoft is associated with some of the biggest names in technology including Windows, Internet Explorer, Bing and Xbox. When it comes to their advertising department, however, far too many clients are associating Microsoft exclusively with the MSN ... portal. The correlation is said to occur so frequently, that it has become cause for major organizational changes to their advertising department, in an effort to highlight other marketing and media potential. Carolyn Everson, Microsoft's global ad sales leader, believes that positive changes will come with an investment in advertising creativity ... (view more)

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Windows 7 Upgrade Could Open Door to Hackers: Report

A new report suggests Microsoft has now pocketed a 6 per cent global market share for its new operating system (OS) Windows 7. That's good news for Microsoft, but it could spell big trouble for users in both the developed and developing world who ... don't make the upgrade from Windows XP. In a frightening new report earlier this week, Finland's most prominent security company F-Secure found that the global shift towards Windows 7 could open up a new gap between users of the new, more secure operating system and those stuck with the outdated and soon-to-be unsupported Windows XP. Shift to Win7 to ... (view more)

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'Global Game Jam - Game Browser', and 'Monkey Tools'

Global Game Jam - Game Browser Get your game on with Global Game Jam, a brand new game browser for the hundreds of games written during the Global Game Jam, Jan 30 - Feb 1, 2009. Each game was written in under 48 hours! The game browser makes all ... the games available to users. Monkey Tools Monkey Tools is a set of shell/console/command line utilities, as well as some GUI based applications that can be controlled from command line or DOS script. It's compatible with every Windows OS going back to the 1990s! Today's fresh software picks were ... (view more)

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Apple Slammed by Environment Watchdog

Apple products may be fantastically marketed and look great, but according to a recent study by environmental watchdog Climate Counts, the company is a serious environmental offender. Although its website states that the company "recognizes its ... responsibility as a global citizen," Apple scored a pithy 11 out of 100 points on Climate Counts' 2008 survey of the environmental policies of large companies. Through attempts to identify problem areas, the Apple jumped up 9 points from last year's survey . However, the company lost huge marks for not acknowledging the extent of its carbon footprint. ... (view more)

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Yahoo Shakes Things Up, Again

Ah, the cost of being second fiddle to Google. For the third time since December, Yahoo will be realigning its operations. This time, the restructuring comes from new Yahoo president Susan Decker via a memo issued to employees. In the memo, Decker ... outlined a shift in focus from ads to content. Specifically, she explained that the company's top sales executive will be leaving the organization and that a new global sales organization is being developed. "Building on the success that we have had in aligning our sales and distribution organizations around customers, rather than around advertising ... (view more)

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