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How to Fix: Linux Filesystem has Errors, MySql Database Table Crashed

Infopackets Reader Steve P. writes: " Dear Dennis, The company I work for is renting a dedicated Linux web server, which runs CentOS 6.5 and PHPList to manage their mailing list. Recently we were faced with a power outage on the server which then ... caused corruption in the PHPList database. When I look at mysqld.log I see a lot of error messages that 'mysqld: Table './phplist/phplist_usermessage' is marked as crashed and should be repaired'. I checked the database drive for errors using 'e2fsck -n /dev/sdb1' and am getting an error message that '/dev/sdb1: ********** WARNING: Filesystem still ... (view more)

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'Rainbow Folders', and 'V-Grep (Visual Grep)'

Rainbow Folders Rainbow Folders is a unique application that allows you to change the color of any icon representing any folder. This can help improve your ability to organize data while adding some visual flair to a boring desktop. ... V-Grep V-Grep (Visual Grep) is an easy to use, feature-rich application that brings a well known program from the Unix world ("grep") to MS Windows. Featuring "regular expressions" (regex), vgrep is a powerful tool that allows the user to search and extract specific text in all files. This is an extremely ... (view more)

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