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Can I track down a hacker?, Part 2

Yesterday's Visitor Feedback asked, " Can I track down a hacker ?" My answer to that question was a passive one -- mainly based on the fact it would take an inconceivable amount of time to prosecute each and every hacker who tries to wallow his way ... into your computer system. An algorithm for a typical Hacker might look something like this: Randomly select a computer to hack; Attempt to gain access to randomly selected computer; If access is granted, deliver a payload (send virus/trojan, delete files); If access is not granted, disconnect from this computer; Repeat process. With the ... (view more)

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Can I track down a hacker?

Infopackets Reader Merle A. writes: " Dear Dennis, I want to know if there is a way to find out who is trying to hack into your computer. I have the "remote address, local address, and remote computer address." Someone tried twice, but my Norton ... Antivirus stopped them (this time). " My Response: Trying to hunt down a hacker may prove to be fruitless, especially if: There is more than one 'hacker' attack The hacker spoofs his IP address Chances are that most hackers will do everything possible to cover his/her tracks in an effort to thwart "being caught". Even *if ... (view more)


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