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Google Hangouts Closing in November

Google says its messaging service Hangouts will close by November. Users who want to download past conversations may need to act sooner than that. Google Hangouts launched in 2013 and was designed to be a simple form of instant messaging that worked ... regardless of what operating system or platform the users were on. That simplicity was somewhat undermined by Google's chopping and changing as it developed various services. (Source: ) Google originally had two messaging tools: Messenger as part of the ill-fated and Google+ Messenger social network, and Talk. It then merged ... (view more)

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Leaked Screenshots Suggest Major Overhaul to Gmail

It appears that Google is getting ready to introduce a whole new user interface (UI) for its Gmail cloud-based email service. Leaked screenshots suggest the overhaul is substantial, meaning current Gmail users could face a significant challenge ... adjusting to the changes. If the screenshots are in fact legitimate, Google is hoping to meld its desktop version of Gmail closer to the mobile version, which is accessible through tablets and smartphones. In that way, it's similar to Microsoft's use of the touch-friendly interface that made its way onto desktop PCs when Windows 8 was released ... (view more)

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'Google Hangouts 2.0', and 'Driver Booster'

Google Hangouts 2.0 Google Hangouts is designed to make it easier to hold a group conversation. It allows you to quickly and easily establish video chat sessions with family, friends and colleagues. You can then exchange files (like photos) with ... your contacts. This tool is available for your computer and your iOS and Android devices. Driver Booster Forget crashes caused by outdated drivers. Driver Booster keeps your PC running in tip-top shape by constantly updating your system's many different drivers. It scans your computer and identifies any outdated drivers, then ... (view more)

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