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How to Fix: Dell No Sound After Update (Inspiron 3760)

Infopackets Reader Mike P. writes: " Dear Dennis, Thank you for your excellent website and remote desktop service - you've been a great help in the past. I have a new problem: Dell SupportAssist recently popped up with a message stating that I had ... sound driver updates to apply to Windows 10 , namely: two Intel high definition audio drivers, and one Realtek high definition audio driver. I downloaded and installed the sound drivers onto my PC, but unfortunately, there's been no sound after the Dell update . I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the Dell audio drivers but it made no difference. ... (view more)

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New Google On-the-fly Encryption Ultra Fast, Secure

Google has developed a new type of encryption that could run on any Android device. It means added security even for the most basic phones, smart watches and smart TVs. The encryption in question isn't for transmitting data, but rather for data ... stored on a device. The data is controlled by unlock methods such as passwords, pin codes and fingerprints. The idea is that if somebody gets hold of a device and doesn't have the correct login credentials, they can't simply extract files from the device and access personal data. At the moment Android devices with encryption use Advanced Encryption ... (view more)

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Bose Accused of Spying on Listening Habits

A proposed class action lawsuit accuses Bose of selling personal data about customers who use its wireless headphones. But the claims are unconfirmed and the argument may be somewhat overstated. Customer Kyle Zak made the complaint about Bose ... Connect, an app for iPhones and Android devices. The app isn't mandatory to use, but is designed to make it easier to switch between different headsets and speakers on a Bluetooth connection without needing to repeatedly pair and unpair the devices. Podcast Choices Could Be Revealing According to the lawsuit, Bose uses the app to collect details of ... (view more)

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Report: Earphones Could Be Hijacked By Hackers

Security researchers say hackers could turn people's headphones into a microphone for surreptitious remote listening. However, the method has enough limitations that it shouldn't be a major concern for most users. The method, shown off by ... researchers at Ben Guiron University in Israel, takes advantage of a very simple element of engineering. That is that the process by which a microphone turns speech into an electronic signal is effectively the same as that by which earphones turn a speaker into sound, just with the process reversed. According to the researchers, that's a security ... (view more)

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