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Is Google Glass a Threat to Privacy and Safety?

Is Google Glass a threat to privacy and safety? A recent survey seems to suggest exactly that. Google Glass , which remains in the development stage, is a special headset that allows users to access emails, text messages, navigation data, and more. ... The device can also be used to snap pictures and record video, which can then be uploaded to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Currently, Google is testing Google Glass using "explorers" -- or freelance agents who were given an early build of the device in exchange for their feedback on its overall functionality. Privacy, ... (view more)

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Virtual Reality: Fad or Flop? Facebook Invests $2B

Facebook has made a major investment in virtual reality technology by purchasing Oculus VR, a virtual reality technology firm for $2 billion US dollars. For the past several years Oculus VR has been developing Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset ... that is said to revolutionize home entertainment. The Oculus Rift was first unveiled at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or "E3") during the summer of 2012. The head-mounted display generated a great deal of interest among the video game community. This interest led Oculus VR to initiate an August 2012 Kickstarter campaign to further ... (view more)

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Researchers Fly Helicopter Using 'Thought Control'

A group of researchers at China's Zhejiang University have used fast-emerging 'thought-control' technology to successfully launch a helicopter into the air and have it perform a controlled series of maneuvers. To make the mind-controlled device ... (called FlyingBuddy2) soar, the scientists first adapted a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 so that it could be operated by an Emotiv EPOC electroencephalogram (EEG) headset hooked up to a PC running special software. Basically, the operator wears the headset, connected via Bluetooth to a laptop, which then transmits flight instructions to the helicopter. At that ... (view more)

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Motorola Releases the Near-Invisible Headset

As wireless, hands-free headsets continue to flood the cell phone market in smaller models, it's becoming tougher to determine if people are speaking into thin air (and are completely off their rocker). Motorola, one of America's largest ... multinational communications companies, has just released a new headset that boasts being the smallest currently available in the world. The Motorola H9 Miniblue headset, for use with cell phones equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, is so small that it resembles a large hearing aid. The technology is said to be so compact, that the entire headset can ... (view more)

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Computer Gift Ideas for Under 50 Bucks

Yeah, the wallet is on a major diet this year. So, I thought I'd spread some Holiday cheer and start this week off with some cool computer gift ideas for under $50 bucks. At the end of my Top 10 list, I invite you to email your $budgeted$ gift ideas ... and I'll include them in tomorrow's issue of the Gazette. #1. Optical mouse with a Scroll Wheel: Less than $25 If I had to go back to a ball mouse, I think I'd go insane. Optical mice are very precise and don't suffer from jerky movements or get gummed up like ball mice do... plus you can use an optical mouse on just about any surface. An optical ... (view more)

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