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How to Fix: Disable Google Analytics in Firefox, Chrome, IE

Infopackets Reader Ray F. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a problem with Google Analytics tying up my web browser with a 'waiting for www' messages every time I visit a site. It shows this message in the action box on the lower ... left of the browser as the page loads. This goes for about 20 to 40 seconds and will not let me pass it; I have to wait for it to complete before the page will fully load. How do I get rid of this? Thanks for a great website and newsletter. " My response: This is a good question. The reason why the analytics is there is so that the website operator ... (view more)

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Advanced Spyware Prevention

Some users feel a little is not enough when it comes to Spyware prevention. And to a certain degree they are correct. That being said: enforcing the perimeter of your Operating System (OS) can be achieved with the following tools I recommend. The ... Host File Defense Strategy I have briefly discussed the Hosts file when it comes to malware infection [with respect to browser hijacking]; however, when managed properly, the Hosts file can also be used to fight against potential infections. Let me explain. The Hosts file is like an address book. When you type an address like into a web ... (view more)

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Computer tries to access

Infopackets Reader Frances D. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a problem getting my home page as well as other web pages to pull up. My email pulls up, and sends fine. Sometimes, when I access Internet explorer, it tries to connect, but then reports an ... error message. Other times it will slowly pull up and stop at the half way mark. It tells me it is connecting to site What the heck is site I have contacted my Internet Service Provider and they have told me a number of things to try, but nothing has worked. Is this my computer or is it an Internet problem? " My ... (view more)

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New PC Security Tutorial

Have you ever stopped to read the headlines that make news on the Internet? Fact: Almost one in every three Internet users in the United States has been hit by either a computer virus or a hacker in the past two years.(1) Fact: In just 24 hours, the ... 'MSBlast' Internet worm exploded onto some 120,000 Windows computers around the world.(2) Overall, MSBlast has infected an estimated 8 million PCs,(3) while damage from the worm is about $525 million USD.(4) Fact: Internet security and privacy issues frequently dominate news headlines as hackers repeatedly infiltrate computers connected to the ... (view more)

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