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Save Energy, Use Internet Explorer: Microsoft

A new report has found that Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser uses less power than the competition. According to a study commissioned by the Redmond, Washington-based firm, Internet Explorer is 18 per cent more energy-efficient than Google ... Chrome (version 26) and Mozilla's Firefox (version 21). The study was carried out by the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, which examined the power consumption of web browsers running on laptop and desktop computers. PC Magazine notes that if every user of Chrome or Firefox switched to using Internet Explorer 10 and the Windows 8 operating ... (view more)

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HTML5 Browser Bug Floods Hard Drives In Minutes

A recently-discovered browser flaw could allow hackers to manipulate a site visitor's physical hard drive. At the moment, Mozilla's Firefox is the only browser not affected by the problem. The technology involved is HTML5, the latest edition of the ... standard code used to produce websites. One of the key features of HTML5 allows web developers to include code for showing multimedia -- such as animations and videos -- without the website visitor having to install special plug-in software. Web browsers have always had the ability to write some data to a computer's hard drive, usually on a ... (view more)

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Apple CEO Says No Adobe Flash on iPhone, iPad

The Apple iPhone and iPad boast countless apps and features. However, according to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, there is one particular feature that will not be appearing on the aforementioned Apple devices: Adobe Flash technology. In a 1,685-word ... offensive against Adobe (titled "Thoughts on Flash"), Jobs mentioned that Flash has too many "bugs", drains batteries too quickly and is too oriented to personal computers to work on the iPhone or iPad. Jobs went on to state that Flash was designed "for PCs using mice, not for touch screens using fingers." (Source: ) Still, many believe that the ... (view more)

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Internet Explorer 9: Microsoft Vows Significant Enhancements

Microsoft is wasting little time in developing the successor to their recently released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browser. Many believe that Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will be a much improved browser. IE9: New HTML5 and Improved Java Engine Changes ... discussed thus far for IE9 include: the addition of Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 (HTML5), and support for a faster, new JavaScript engine called "Chakra". According to Internet Explorer GM Dean Hachamovitch, IE9 will improve HTML5 applications by taking advantage of PC hardware through Vista and Windows 7. With IE9, Microsoft is looking to ... (view more)

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