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Malware Widget Infects Millions of Websites

Website domain name registration business Network Solutions says that domains marked "page under construction" have been dishing up malware. It's suggested that millions of websites have been infected, and that the malware has been live for several ... months. The domains used a malicious script targeting Taiwanese and Hong Kong IP addresses to deliver a fake chat message that directed users to other web sites. (Source: ) Drive-By-Downloads Infect Unsuspecting Users Malware spread when a now-disabled widget in the Small Business Success Index section of Network Solutions' ... (view more)

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NVIDIA Overjoyed With AMD Purchase of ATI

In response to its main competitor's participation in of the tech industry's biggest-ever acquisitions, NVIDIA Chief Executive Officer Jen-Hsun Huang is surpisingly positive. In a recent interview, the CEO of ATI's long-time rival called the merger ... a "gift" for NVIDIA, claiming his company's position as the only stand-alone graphics card producer would ensure success in the future. For those not following the news, processing chip producer AMD recently announced its purchase of leading graphics-card producer ATI, for a reported $5.4 billion. For AMD, it could be the gamble that gets it out of ... (view more)

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