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Windows 10 October Update Breaks iCloud, F5 VPN

Some users of Apple's iCloud software will be unable to get the latest Windows 10 update right now. It's an example of Microsoft blocking the update rather than causing problems with specific applications. iCloud is the online backup and sync tool ... for Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. It's aimed at people who have iOS mobile devices but also use a Windows PC. iCloud lets users access Apple services and data such as their email, photos and calendar on both the mobile device and computer. Unfortunately iCloud is the victim of yet another glitch in the October update of Windows 10, one of ... (view more)

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Apple Proclaims Innocence Over Celeb Photo Hacking

Apple has denied any responsibility for the recent theft and publication of compromising photographs of celebrities. But some analysts say the pictures were vulnerable thanks to a combination of Apple's technical setups, plus the easy availability ... of password cracking software designed specifically for law enforcement authorities. Pictures and videos of famous females such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst and Kate Upton began circulating earlier this week after being posted at controversial website 4chan. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is said to be investigating, but it ... (view more)

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'Icloud', and 'Firefox Optimized'

Icloud iCloud takes cloud computing to the next level. Now you can get your very own virtual computer online, complete with desktop, mail, applications, up to 50GB storage, and much more. Use Icloud for storing files online and open from any ... computer. http://icloud.com Firefox Optimized Not at all impressed with Microsoft's ubiquitous browser Internet Explorer? Not ready to take the plunge with Google's new Chrome? Still think Mozilla can do a little better with Firefox? Try Firefox Optimized for faster, less memory-intensive browsing. http://weblog.pigfoot.org Today's fresh software picks ... (view more)

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