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'Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 v1.6,' and 'Super 2010 Build 39'

Network Activity Indicator for Windows 7 v1.6 In previous versions of Windows, network activity was represented in the Windows taskbar icon which used two computer monitors to demonstrate network activity. However, this icon / feature was later ... removed by Microsoft in Windows Vista and Windows 7. Network Activity Indicator brings back the old 'two monitors' icon in Windows 7, which flashes blue to show network activity on the System Tray. Unlike the original Windows XP utility (that has individual indicators for each interface), this program indicates outgoing and incoming network packets on ... (view more)

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'Boxee', and 'HD Activity Indicator'

Boxee Boxee is a free, open-source software program that allows users to share information about what they're listening to or watching with other Boxee users or friends on social networks like twitter, facebook, etc. Boxee is designed for your TV ... and use of a remote control. See site for full details. HD Activity Indicator This utility that indicates the hard disk drive activity in a tray icon; requires .NET framework. Today's fresh software picks were provided courtesy of Bob Helmer at Shell Extension City. Please note that the below software ... (view more)

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'React Os V. 0.3', and 'Hard Drive Indicator'

React Os V. 0.3 ReactOS is an effort to create a Free Software replacement for Microsoft Windows that is compatible with existing MS Windows hardware and software. For more information about the project, review the wiki . ... Hard Drive Indicator Hard Drive Indicator (HDI) displays a system tray icon of your local physical disks. It has a 5 bar resolution for both read and write operations and uses small memory footprint with low CPU utilization. It auto-calibrates itself to ensure that the output is relative to the disk usage for the previous 60 seconds ... (view more)

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'Ascii Desktop', and 'Hard Drive Indicator'

Ascii Desktop If you are one of those persons who thinks that life was easier in the old days - and this was back then when monitors only had one color: green - then this tool might bring back that warm feeling. This small utility displays your ... desktop as ASCII art. It is a live display so everything you do on the desktop is reflected on the ASCII art display. Hard Drive Indicator Displays a system tray load indicator for your local physical disks. Has a 5 bar resolution for both read and write operations. Has a small memory footprint and low CPU ... (view more)

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'Vmware Player', and 'Hard Drive Indicator'

Vmware Player Run virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, GSX Server or ESX Server. VMware Player also supports Microsoft virtual machines and Symantec LiveState Recovery disk formats. Easily and safely evaluate pre-built application ... environments, beta software, or other software that is distributed in virtual machines, without any installation or configuration hassles. Share a virtual machine with a colleague or friend. And Try this: "VMWare Player cannot create VMWare images like VMWare Workstation can. Fortunately, a utility called QEMU can." ... (view more)

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'Nvidia Bios Editor', and 'Interface Traffic Indicator'

Nvidia Bios Editor NVIDIA BIOS Editor enables you to change the sign-on message text ... (view more)

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