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Iraq War Video Game Killed After Fierce Protest

Gamers love war simulators. The chance to virtually step into the shoes of American troops storming Normandy, Iwo Jima, or Sicily is hard to pass up for fans of shooters, but it seems it's still too early for a similar game based on the Iraq war. ... Legendary game publisher Konami has announced that it recently decided to kill its upcoming title "Six Days in Fallujah," a game based on the famous Iraq battle. Developed by Atomic Games (well known by PC gamers for their much-praised Close Combat strategy franchise), the game was to follow characters into the Second Battle of Fallujah from a third- ... (view more)

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Possible Future President Campaigns In Online Game

In 1993, Bill Clinton made the radical move of taking his campaign to the airwaves of MTV -- and he ended up becoming the President of the United States. Thirteen years later, Mark Warner is breaking new ground of his own. On Thursday, August 31st, ... the former Virginia governor and possible future President campaigned in the virtual world of an online video game called Second Life. (Source: ) "In Second Life, distances and time differences vanish. It will allow us to reach people through a whole new medium," Warner said, explaining his reasons for making an appearance in the game. " ... (view more)

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