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Notorious Koobface Virus Creators Named, Botnet Shutdown

You might normally expect hackers to operate in secret, and to communicate through hidden channels. The group behind a notorious social networking virus, however, appears to be actively and publicly posting about the sites which they attack. ... Facebook has apparently tracked down what it believes to be a group of five men responsible for the notorious "Koobface" virus and has publicly named them. So far, the men have not been confirmed as under investigation by law enforcement, nor have they been formally charged. The company says it will publish further details in coming weeks to ... (view more)

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Koobface Virus Creators Scam $2M; Origins Traced to UK

Online security companies are celebrating this week after learning that the dreaded Koobface virus suffered a critical blow that could compromise its continued existence. Security officials discovered that most of the web servers hosting the virus' ... "command and control" structure were effectively dismantled, thus limiting its exposure to the outside world. Koobface originally made headlines early last March (2009), when it wreaked havoc on thousands of vulnerable Facebook pages. The virus was responsible for installing malware on the computers of victims who mistakenly (and ... (view more)

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