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New Research Promises to Halt Ransomware in its Tracks

Researchers say they've found a way of severely limiting the damage ransomware causes. Meanwhile California legislators are mulling over new laws specifically aimed at the tactic. Ransomware involves attackers remotely installing malicious software ... that encrypts files and makes them inaccessible without an unlock key. In many cases, this means victims can't access the data and may be unable to use the computer at all. The attackers then demand a fee to provide the unlock key. The tactic has led to controversy over whether victims should pay the fee , something critics say merely encourages ... (view more)

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Facebook Changes Gun Sales Policy

Facebook is introducing new rules governing the way its users can offer to sell guns online its website. While it's not banning such posts altogether, Facebook is taking steps to ensure its users are complying with the law. According to Facebook ... policy chief Monika Bickert, the subject of gun sales means the site faces "a difficult challenge balancing individuals' desire to express themselves on our services, and recognizing that this speech may have consequences elsewhere." (Source: ) Facebook already has several policies on the sale of goods, which don't always ... (view more)

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Microsoft Lobbies for US Anti-Piracy Law

Microsoft has taken aim at software pirates by disrupting and even severing business ventures with American corporations. The proposal is clever on the part of Microsoft. The company looks to pass laws in every state that would punish US-based ... companies that continue to obtain their products from foreign companies using pirated versions of Microsoft software. Microsoft Anti-Piracy Law a Two-Pronged Attack The proposed scenario would work something like this: a company like Dell (US) looking to purchase keyboards from Shenzhen Biagatech Co. (China) would have their transaction stopped if ... (view more)

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Dead Ends on the Information Superhighway

The freedom to journey the web is largely taken for granted here in North America. Unfortunately, that's hardly the case in Asia, where mere images (or videos) are scrutinized for their most basic and even remote meanings. Two stories on this ... reality are emerging right now, and they're both fascinating glimpses of political environments Americans struggle to comprehend. And, despite that rather comforting disconnect, the United States plays a role in both accounts. The first involves (relatively) popular search engine Yahoo Inc, which is facing a lawsuit by imprisoned Chinese political ... (view more)

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