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Scrabble Battle Heats Up on Facebook

Scrabble is finally coming to Facebook. If that surprises you because you thought it was already there, Electronic Arts (EA) lawyers would probably like to call you as a witness. As we reported back in January , the popular Scrabulous feature on ... Facebook is entirely unofficial. Like most Facebook add-ons, it's run independently -- in this case, by two Indian brothers. They are estimated to make around $25,000 a month selling adverts which appear beside the game. Given the obvious legal difficulties involved in profiting from another firm's game in this way, the pair specifically avoid the ... (view more)

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Just when Linux users thought they were safe: SCO is back!

In mid-August of 2007, SCO, a long-time supplier of Unix-based systems and the arch-nemesis of all things Linux, lost its battle with Novell and IBM over the ownership of Unix. It was a death-blow. SCO promptly filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But ... now, it's back! (Source: ) In August, a U.S. District Court decision brought to a conclusion the long history of SCO-Linux controversies that began five years ago. In early 2003, SCO launched a campaign to challenge alleged infringement on their intellectual property -- particularly their "ownership" of Unix. Moreover, SCO called ... (view more)

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Microsoft Faces More Patent Problems

Microsoft sure is having some difficulty with this whole patent business. While the company struggles to calm a stormy sea caused by CEO Steve Ballmer's statement that recent partner Novell is infringing on Microsoft's intellectual property , it ... appears the software giant must now face the loss of patent rights in South Korea, a major Asian market. The problem stems from court cases dating back months, which recently reached a very unfavorable decision for the Redmond-based company. The patent infringement -- in this case -- surrounds a local university professor's claims that he first ... (view more)

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Computers with prepackaged software, Part 3

This is the third installment on a series of comments based on the following scenario: " When someone buys a new computer (either brand name or clone) that is preloaded with an Operating System (OS), is the seller obliged to give the client an ... original CD which includes the Operating System? " Last week I provided various short-but-sweet answers to the above question from various readers of the Infopackets Gazette. The gist was that retailers are required to provide Windows on a CD, whether it comes pre-packaged like Compaq, and Dell machines do -- or, if it comes with the basic ... (view more)


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