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Microsoft, BlackBerry-Maker Announce New Deal

Microsoft and BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion (RIM) have announced a new licensing deal that will make it easier to transfer large files between RIM devices and PCs. The deal could help the struggling Canadian manufacturer regain some of the ... ground it has lost to rivals. David Kaefer, general manager of Microsoft's intellectual property (IP) licensing division, says the new deal will help RIM produce mobile devices that "display richer images and data than traditional cellular phones." (Source: ) Another Day, Another Deal for Microsoft The licensing agreement, announced ... (view more)

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Microsoft Combats Pirated Software with 'Rental Rights'

Microsoft is proving that the old adage "If you can't beat them, join them" still holds true. Earlier this month, the company agreed to add a new software license option for U.S. customers called "Rental Rights" that, in a nutshell, allows companies ... to purchase Windows and Office licenses like never before. More than a few companies have expressed their desire to act as a "middle man" in renting or leasing Microsoft software to their customers. An Internet cafe, for example, would be interested in a deal with Microsoft. In failing to strike a compromise in the past, these ... (view more)

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UK Licensing Rules Slam Lid On Pandora's Box

The Pandora Internet radio service will stop broadcasting to British listeners after the 15 January thanks to a dispute over royalty payments. The site plays music based on the listener's favourite artists or tracks. It analyses songs for musical ... styles, pace, tone and instrument to find similarities between tracks. Users can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to each song they hear (similar to the way TiVo works), decisions that directly affect what new songs will be played in future. The idea is to create a radio station customized for the individual listener. In the United States, licensing ... (view more)

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