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Smart Devices Could Expose WiFi Passwords, or Worse

Are smart devices a security risk? Security firm Rapid 7 seems to think so. According to the researchers, a range of Internet-connected light bulbs had at least nine security flaws. While the potential consequences are hardly life or death, it could ... be a blow to the concept of smart devices in the home. Osram's Lightify range of light bulbs lets users control lighting via a smartphone or tablet app. The idea is partly to allow more precise controls, such as dimming a bulb or even changing its color, and partly to allow users to remotely access the lights. For example, if a home owner is ... (view more)

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New Intel Tech Allows Users to Wirelessly Recharge Laptop Computers

While an unlimited power source has yet to be developed, researchers at Intel are testing new technology that would allow laptop computers and mobile phones to be recharged without having to be plugged in to an electrical socket. Few people would ... contest the benefits of using a very mobile laptop computer over a standard desktop PC. But, are notebook computers as versatile as we've been led to believe? Sure, a laptop can be taken anywhere, but without a battery charger, its power source is limited to only a few hours. The same can be said for other portable electronic devices and mobile ... (view more)

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