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How to Fix: Remove CPX, SVCVMX and CT.EXE Malware (SmartService Rootkit)

Infopackets Reader Priscilla writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running Windows 10 and my computer seems to be infected with a rootkit from what I read online. In Task Manager's Startup , I have the following programs running: cpx.exe , svcvmx.exe , and ... ct.exe . I have tried to disabled these from startup but I get 'Access denied'. I have tried to download Malwarebytes Antimalware to scan the computer but the setup file simply won't run. I have tried downloading other antivirus programs but Edge reports that the file is corrupt. I have tried resetting Windows 10 but it fails and tells me I cannot ... (view more)

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How to Remove Malware that Keeps Coming Back?

Infopackets Reader Frank P. writes: " Dear Dennis, A friend of mine has a malware (or a virus) on his computer and can't get rid of it. He has tried to download various malware removal utilities online (such as malwarebytes antimalware, etc), but ... his web browser appears to have been hijacked and subsequently, malwarebytes won't download. What can he do to remove the malware? " My Response: Some malware will purposely block websites (such as malwarebytes) to prevent you from downloading and removing the infection. The easiest way to get rid of pervasive malware is to boot ... (view more)

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'NoClone Free Edition' and 'Malwarebytes Anti-Malware'

NoClone Free Edition Easily locate and erase duplicate documents, similar files or duplicate Outlook messages. Features: true Byte-to-byte comparison (not by CRC), search duplicate file contents regardless of file name, search duplicate ... files, file portions, file name, simple fuzzy match, smart deletion: select files by size / date / version, (etc), save search session, export result list (CSV format), search any type of files, jpg, mp3, mpeg, (etc), search up to 100,000 files and more, preview images: jpg, gif, bmp, wmf, tif, png etc, search over local PC and network, delete or move ... (view more)

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