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Best Buy and Partners to Rival iTunes

Recently, Best Buy announced its alliance with SanDisk and RealNetworks to develop a music service set for release on October 15th, 2006. (Source: ) The arrangement uses RealNetworks' Rhapsody service via the Best Buy Digital Music ... electronic store. The system will be available to customers of the SanDisk Sansa e200R line of Rhapsody MP3 players. (Source: ) Rhapsody is currently the largest subscription-based music service, while SanDisk is the number two producer of MP3 players (falling behind Apple). The SanDisk Rhapsody MP3 players have been reported to cost $ ... (view more)

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Cyworld to Rival MySpace

Korea's number one online social network, Cyworld, recently launched into the U.S. market on August 15, competing with the U.S.-based What is Cyworld? Cyworld, which was started in 1999, leads Asia's social networking scene with ... localized sites in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China. In the Korean language, Cyworld means "relationship world" and the media is touting its U.S. debut as a "refreshing and essential platform for the burgeoning online U.S. social networking sector." (Source: ) Entering into the U.S. Market The U.S. Cyworld team is based in San Francisco ... (view more)

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Insiders Speculate Decline for Sony and Playstation 3

Last November, Microsoft faced intense criticism upon the release of its Xbox 360 console. Many die-hard Xbox "fanboys" -- gamers dedicated to Bill Gates' wares -- were unable to purchase the system due to massive production shortages. Those with ... their eye on the industry recognized a ridiculousness in Microsoft's pitiful attempt to attract Japanese gamers (who typically flock to Nintendo and Sony events) when the North American market was starving for more Xbox 360s. The end result? Millions in lost business on this side of the Pacific and thousands of 360s gathering dust in Japanese game ... (view more)

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Rumor Has It: Amazon to Launch Online Movie Downloads

Amazon, the venerable online retailer best known for selling books, CDs, and DVDs, is said to begin offering downloadable films and television shows to Web users next month. A source close to the offering confirmed rumors that Amazon Digital Video ... will allow users to download video either on a pay-per-view basis or by subscription, where a one-time fee is paid to view movies over a certain time period. (Source: ) This news follows closely on the heels of last week's rumors that Apple is heading in the same direction. Competing with Apple? This is not the first time that news has ... (view more)

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Microsoft Announces its Rival to Apple's iPod: Zune

On Friday July 21, 2006 Microsoft executives confirmed the launch of Zune, a music software and hardware product line that will rival Apple's iPod and iTunes. In early June, Microsoft denied rumors that the company was developing a digital media ... player to compete with Apple's iPod. However, In a statement released Friday, Microsoft general manager of marketing, Chris Stephenson revealed that the "new music and entertainment project [Zune]... will deliver a family of hardware and software products, the first of which will be available this year." (Source: ) What is Zune? Zune's ... (view more)


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