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McDonald's Security System Sprays Crooks with DNA

After it suffered a number of costly robberies in Australia, McDonald's is testing a new DNA-based security system. The new system, called 'Intruder Spray,' coats thieves with an invisible substance that remains on their body even after considerable ... time has passed. UK-based SelectaDNA has been hired to install the security system in more than 750 of McDonald's Australian restaurants. In each participating restaurant, the Intruder Spray system is positioned above the doorway and connected to an alarm. Once activated, the system sprays a "non-toxic, invisible DNA solution" which can remain on ... (view more)

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Free WiFi Coming to Your Local McDonald's

Got to get your fix for a Big Mac but can't stop writing that report? Then you'll be happy to know that fast food goliath McDonald's will soon be unveiling free WiFi Internet access at about 80 per cent of its U.S. locations. Thanks to a new pact ... signed with AT ... (view more)

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