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ContextConvert Pro Review

Synopsis: Looking for a powerful, all-in-one utility to convert all your media files with a simple right-click of the mouse? Look no further! ContextConvert Pro is a convenient and highly configurable Windows application for converting nearly all ... conceivable multimedia formats. Tightly integrated with the Windows interface, ContextConvert Pro provides immediate conversion capability from any Windows context ("right-click") menu. Simply right-click on any audio, image, or video file, and you can immediately convert it to any other supported format. It's an audio converter (e.g. convert WMA to ... (view more)

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The Moving Picture Experts Group ( MPEG ) is a working group of ISO/IEC charged with the development of video and audio encoding standards. Since its first meeting in 1988, MPEG has grown to include approximately 350 members from various industries ... and universities. MPEG's official designation is ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11. MPEG (pronounced EM-peg) has standardized the following compression formats and ancillary standards: MPEG-1: Initial video and audio compression standard. Later used as the standard for Video CD, and includes the popular Layer 3 (MP3) audio compression format. MPEG-2: ... (view more)

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