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WannaCry Ransom Worm Creators Blamed for Two Previous Attacks

Security researchers say its highly likely hackers linked to North Korea were responsible for the recent widespread WannaCry ransomware attack . The same group, dubbed Lazarus, was previously blamed for two other high profile online attacks. ... According to security firm Symantec, the WannaCry attacks bore five distinct hallmarks of previous attacks thought to be the work of the Lazarus group. This includes shared code such as that used to spread the malware from machine to machine. Other common factors include the same IP address being used to issue commands to infected machines, and similar ... (view more)

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North Korea Has Just 28 Internet Sites

North Korea has just 28 websites, an audit has revealed. It includes sites for education, travel and cookery. What information was already known about the secretive country showed that it has its own Intranet: a restricted, internal network that ... appears to be the only information accessible to the few North Koreans with access to computers. However, the country does have a few sites on the worldwide Internet, all with addresses ending in .kp in the same way that many Canadian sites often end in .ca. Until now, nobody was sure exactly how many such sites existed. Full Domains List Exposed Like ... (view more)

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North Korea's PC Operating System: At a Glance

Two German researchers have revealed that the world's most secure operating system could be Red Star OS. If you've never heard of it, that's probably because it's used only in North Korea. Florian Grunow and Nikalaus Schiess say that the system, ... which was created by the country's government, tracks virtually every file a computer user opens or handles. (Source: ) The system is widely used on publicly owned computers. Reports from the country say the very few privately owned computers in North Korea are more likely to run Windows XP. System Uses Open-Source Base ... (view more)

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Anonymous Attacks North Korea Twitter, Flickr Pages

North Korea has been dominating news headlines of late after making threats against both the United States and South Korea. However, global 'hacktivist' organization Anonymous recently launched its own attack on the mysterious Asian nation. ... Specifically, Anonymous has vandalized North Korea's official Twitter and Flickr sites. The hackers also reportedly bypassed the security of a North Korean book and music retailer as well as a national news and information page. North Korea's Flickr Page Defaced After the hack, North Korea's official Flickr page featured a picture of leader Kim Jong-un ... (view more)

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