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'KeyScrambler', and 'NoScript'

KeyScrambler Don't let data thieves spy on your keystrokes. KeyScrambler uses an advanced cryptographic algorithm to help keep keylogger programs in the dark and protect your passwords. Note that there is a free version as well as premium ... (paid) versions of this program. NoScript Do you use a Mozilla-based Internet browser like Firefox or Seamonkey? NoScript can help protect your web browser by only allowing trusted websites to execute Javascript, Java, and Flash plugins. NoScript also includes advanced anti-clickjacking protection. http:// ... (view more)

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'NoScript', and 'BlueStacks 0.7.12 Beta'

NoScript Keep your system safe with NoScript, a Mozilla Firefox extension that only allows trusted web sites to execute plug-ins through Flash, Java, and JavaScript. This program also offers users anti-XSS and anti-clickjacking protection. ... BlueStacks 0.7.12 Beta Love Google's Android operating system but own a Windows-based computer? Then check out BlueStacks, which lets you download your favorite Android mobile apps for a PC. This program can also be used to download Android apps to a Mac. This freeware software program is brought to you ... (view more)

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'NoScript 2.6.3', and 'Writemonkey 2.4'

NoScript 2.6.3 NoScript is a free utility designed to protect computers running Internet browsers made by Mozilla, including the very popular Firefox browser. It blocks Java and Flash plug-ins executed by all websites unless you have given them ... permission to run. This significantly limits the possibility of your computer becoming infected by malware. Writemonkey 2.4 Writemonkey is a simplified word processing program for Windows computers. It features a minimalist interface intended to keep you focused on your work, rather than any distractions. Writemonkey is completely ... (view more)

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