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Google Takes Aim at Offensive YouTube Comments

Google is making changes to the way commenting works for its YouTube videos. The aim is to make it easier to engage in discussion without being bogged down by crude abuse. Over the years, Google has repeatedly struggled with commenting on the site, ... particularly on videos that can attract hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. Many customers have complained about sexist, racist, or other offensive comments that add little to the discussion and drown out any attempt at genuine discussion. The last major change was part of an attempt to persuade users to sign up for Google's social ... (view more)

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Google Bows To Indian Court Over Religious Content

Both Facebook and Google have removed online material alleged to pose a risk of social unrest in India, following legal threats to block the sites completely. The two companies are among 21 firms hit with a civil lawsuit regarding offensive content. ... The lawsuit, brought by a private citizen, claims the material involves religious issues that could provoke unrest. Google's problems appear tied to its sites Blogger and YouTube. Google says it has taken down the material pursuant to a court request, its standard policy regarding legal issues, regardless of country. The material has been removed ... (view more)

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