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Microsoft OneCare Live: Dead Last Against Viruses

We've all heard it before. In the past it's been shown that Microsoft's relatively new antivirus software, Windows OneCare Live, struggled to eliminate all of the most recent threats to a user's operating system. Microsoft only released the program ... last year, and it's starting to become apparent that it has much work to do in order to catch up with the competition from longtime industry veterans like McAfee and Norton. Now, a recent test of Trojans and the like revealed that OneCare Live in fact offers the least security of all software on the market. (Source: ) The test was ... (view more)

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Microsoft Flexes its Muscle by Offering First Security Firewall

Three years after announcing its intent to enter the world of security software, Microsoft will be launching its new Windows OneCare Live on Thursday, June 1st, 2006. OneCare provides users with Spyware and antivirus protection through firewall ... software that also offers comprehensive backup and maintenance tools for Windows PCs. Although the functions offered by OneCare -- including all-in-one protection against undesired intruders and the regular backing-up of files to keep processing speed high -- are reason for its growing popularity, much of the hype surrounding OneCare Live comes from ... (view more)

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