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Virtual Windows 7 on iPad 'Illegal', says Microsoft

The company behind a service that allows access to Windows 7 on an iPad has run into a major problem: Microsoft says the service isn't properly licensed. The service is from a company named OnLive and works in a slightly complex manner. The user ... doesn't actually have Windows on their portable device, but rather uses the Internet to access a copy running on a remote computer operated by the company. (Source: ) iPad Users Access Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash Users of the basic service are able to access Microsoft Office to create documents and can save up to 2GB of documents to ... (view more)

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Free iPad App Runs Windows, MS Office, Adobe Flash

A new app for Apple's iPad will allow users to run Windows applications, including Microsoft Office. The Windows applications are available via OnLive, an online digital media distribution service. The Windows environment and applications don't run ... on the user's own iPad; instead, they are available through streaming services from OnLive's cloud computing platform , which is a form of centralized computing . Though the iPad user doesn't have a physical keyboard and mouse, they are able to use genuine Windows 7 controls specially designed by Microsoft for tablet computers accessing the Windows ... (view more)

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