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Microsoft's Anti-Sexuality Policy Sparks Outrage

Gay marriage is always going to be a heated debate. But what rights do gays have when it comes to their video game consoles? Microsoft was recently forced to change a policy that prevented gay gamers from stating their sexual orientation in their ... Xbox Live profiles. Xbox Live is Microsoft's popular online platform for its console, the Xbox 360. When anyone links their Xbox 360 to a cable or a broadband Internet connection, they're automatically prompted to fill out an online profile that can be seen by other gamers, including friends and foes alike. Although users aren't allowed to play ... (view more)

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Change Page Orientation and Scaling: MS Excel

When you are creating small worksheets, you don't think about changing the direction of the page, but some worksheets and charts require the page to be wider than it is tall. Similar to landscape paintings that typically are wider than they are ... tall, landscape page orientation enables you to fit wider items on the page. A page that is taller than it is wide has what is called portrait orientation, like portraits of people. Scaling lets you specify a certain percent to reduce or enlarge your worksheet. The Fit to Page feature allows you to force the worksheet to print on a specific number of ... (view more)

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