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Add a Table of Contents to Your Document: MS Word 2003

You've composed a very large, very informative document. And now you want to configure it so that your readers can navigate it easily using a Table of Contents (TOC). Defining Style To begin the process, you will first need to properly format your ... document with Styles. Highlight the document text that you want to show up as table of contents major sections. Next, depress CTRL-ALT-1. You can highlight more than one paragraph at a time by depressing your CTRL key (even if the paragraphs aren't in sequence). This will apply the Heading 1 style to your text. This text stands out from the rest and ... (view more)

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How to print page numbers

Since we've been on the topic of Printers lately , I thought I'd share with you another useful tip. It's another visitor feedback question from Arlene M. She writes: " Dear Dennis, My printer used to number the pages, but does not any longer. I miss ... that. Do you have a way to bring that function back? " My response: The option for Page Numbering is * usually * in the Printing Preferences. Printing preferences are available for a printer by clicking Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printer. Printing preferences are also (usually) displayed at the time of printing a ... (view more)

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