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Internet Explorer 6 Spyware -- Alexa Registry Key, Part 2

I had a few people email me with regards to the Alexa Registry Key (Spyware) that Chris B. submitted yesterday. OK, So is the Alexa registry key Spyware or not? There is much debate . Let me try to outline some of the issues. 1. It has been said ... that the "Spyware" part of the tool will only activate if you choose to use the Alexa tool provided in Internet Explorer. Long story short: you can't activate the Spyware component used in Alexa if you don't use the Alexa tool. You have the ability to change this (see below). 2. Spyware software is considered "Spyware" because ... (view more)

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Printing a page using Portrait or Landscape mode

Infopackets Reader Arlene M. writes: " Dear Dennis, When I get a web page that is wider than my screen and there are scrollbars on the bottom, my printer won't print the entire page. Repositioning the scrollbars at the bottom of the page and ... attempting to print what I see on the screen not seem to help. I also tried selecting the text I wanted on the screen and then using the "Print from Selection" option, but it didn't help either. Can you explain this and what I can do about it? " My Response: One way to get around this problem is to print the page in Landscape Mode. ... (view more)


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