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'OutlookStatView 1.75', and 'Little Painter 2.0'

OutlookStatView 1.75 Ever wanted to know more about your Microsoft Outlook usage? This compact tool scans your Outlook mailbox and provides information related to your activity. Displayed information includes the number of messages exchanged with ... each contact. Little Painter 2.0 Little Painter is a great way to get kids started with designing their own computer images. It's easy to use and allows kids to add unique visual and audio effects to their favorite creations. The newest version of Little Painter adds image previews, sound effects, and a rotate image ... (view more)

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'PicEdit 3.2', and 'Speedy Painter 2.8.1'

PicEdit 3.2 As the name suggests, PicEdit is designed to help you quickly and easily edit your favorite images. It supports a wide variety of graphic styles and effects, including mosaic, blur, soften, monochrome, and more. Using this program you ... can crop, resize, and rotate images. Speedy Painter 2.8.1 This OpenGL-based digital painter software tool is designed especially for the Windows operating system. Speedy Painter features a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to pan, zoom, and rotate your images as you work. This ... (view more)

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'fireBwall', and 'Speedy Painter 2.0'

fireBwall fireBwall is a personal Windows software-based firewall system which allows for modular network access. Think of fireBwall not as a commonplace firewall, but as a 'network Swiss army knife.' fireBwall is designed for the more ... advanced user with some knowledge or experience in network security, who can easily develop modules in any language supporting .NET 2.0. Speedy Painter 2.0 Speedy Painter is an OpenGL-based painting software utility for Microsoft's Windows operating system. The software works with Wacom digitizers to vary the size and opacity of ... (view more)

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Format Painter: MS Word

MS Word's Format Painter is a very cool means of copying just the format of one word or paragraph, then pasting (or painting) it onto others. It's a shortcut that is very easy to master and pays off handsomely in a document with inconsistent ... formatting. Format Painter works on two levels: character and paragraph. You can copy just the character formatting -- fonts, font sizes, font attributes -- or character style from one word and apply it to other words. Or you can copy the paragraph formatting (line spacing, alignment, indentation, et al.) or paragraph style from one paragraph and apply it ... (view more)

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