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How to Fix: Locked out of ScreenConnect On-Prem v23.9+ (2024)

Infopackets Reader Fred J. writes: " Dear Dennis, Like you, I use an on-premise version of ConnectWise ScreenConnect to provide technical support to my clients. A recent security vulnerability ( CVE-2024-1709 ) this past February forced me to ... upgrade ScreenConnect to their latest branch (currently version 23.9) in order to patch the system. Prior to that, I was using an old Linux version of ScreenConnect from 2016. A few weeks after the upgrade, however, the 'Administrator' user I use to log into my on-prem ScreenConnect is locked out because bots keep hitting my login page in order to guess ... (view more)

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How to: Reset Any Password: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

Infopackets Reader 'ltb223' writes: " Dear Dennis, I have a Windows 7 Pro computer which I haven't used for a long time. Now I want to use it, but I cannot remember my password. It has only one user account, so I believe I need to reset the admin ... password. Is there anyway to recover the lost password or am I stuck with reinstalling Windows and losing all previous data and programs? " My response: It's possible to reset the admin password, or any user password using a special password reset 'trick', known as the 'utilman' and 'sticky keys' exploit. This exploit ... (view more)

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Islamic State Supporters Hijack Twitter Accounts

The way Twitter handles 'dormant' accounts has been hijacked to promote terrorist material, according to a report. It's all to do with the way Twitter associates its accounts with email addresses. The report comes from TechCrunch and follows a ... sudden upsurge in posts that don't seem connected to the account in question, but instead appear to come from members or supporters of Islamic State. (Source: ) The problem appears to stem from the fact that Twitter doesn't delete accounts even if they aren't regularly used and may even have been abandoned by their original users. ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Kodi Password Protect Folder / Content

Infopackets Reader Jill A. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have installed Kodi media center on my media PC, which is connected to my HDTV in the living room. We use Kodi to play videos that we download off the Internet. I have two children under the age of ... 10 that I don't want accessing R rated movies and was wondering if there is a way to lock or password protect folders in Kodi ? I have searched for 'Kodi password protect folder' using Google but the instructions were confusing. Can you help? " My response: In a nutshell, it is possible to password protect folders in Kodi after first setting a " ... (view more)

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How to Reset Windows 10 Login or Admin Password

Has this happened to you? Infopackets Reader Dave C. writes: " Dear Dennis, I have been completely locked out of my Windows 10 machine! I tried to uninstall Avast Antivirus using Safe Mode (as this was recommended), and now Windows is asking me for ... a password, when before I was using a PIN number. I have NO IDEA what my password is as I have been using a PIN for the last two years. I've tried rebooting without Safe Mode but the option to use a PIN is no longer there. I am desperate! Can you help? " My response: There are a few ways to reset your Windows password - whether you ... (view more)

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How to: Reset Windows 10 Password

Infopackets Reader Gale S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I just purchased a brand new Windows 10 laptop, and created a new Microsoft Account when I first logged in. The problem is however, I forgot my Microsoft Account password! Now I can't get back into ... Windows 10 because my password isn't working! I don't know what to do. Can you help? " My response: There are two ways you can reset your Windows 10 email password; one involves resetting your email password by phone (if enabled), or by computer. The other involves converting your resetting the password using a password reset trick using a USB or ... (view more)

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Twitter Demands Users Reset Passwords

It appears that during Tuesday night's election the privacy of a number of high-profile Twitter users was invaded when an unknown website or Internet service compromised their accounts. That prompted Twitter to force password resets on many of its ... users. It remains unclear at the moment how the security breach occurred or how many users' accounts were compromised. Whatever that number, Twitter created a huge stir by sending out more password reset emails than necessary. "We unintentionally reset passwords of a larger number of accounts, beyond those that we believed to have been compromised ... (view more)

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