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'ImageUSB 1.1.1012', and 'Pixia 6.0a'

ImageUSB 1.1.1012 This handy little program allows you to write an image to multiple USB flash devices. And while this is hardly the only USB duplication tool on the market, it is one of only a few capable of preserving all unused space during the ... cloning process. http://www.osforensics.com Pixia 6.0a If you're a fan of Japanese graphics and anime, then give Pixia a try. This graphics software is designed to help you create stunning images inspired by some of Japan's most talented artists. If you're new to graphics, a tutorial page can help get you started. http://www.ne.jp This freeware ... (view more)

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'CTI Text Encryption 3.0', and 'Pixia 4.79d'

CTI Text Encryption 3.0 This is a text encryption and decryption software tool that you can use to encrypt highly sensitive computerized data using more than one 'key.' It's a small, highly portable, very efficient, and easy to use system that ... increases your ability to conveniently and securely keep critical information away from the eyes of others. http://ctiencrypt.codeplex.com Pixia 4.79d Pixia, originally engineered by famed Japanese designer Isao Maruoka, is a popular software tool that's great for creating full-color graphics on your computer. Custom digital art tools allow the user to ... (view more)

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