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Password Protect / Lock access to Web Browser?

Infopackets Reader Ron H. writes: " Dear Dennis, I enjoy your newsletters, as they are very helpful. I would like to know if there is a way to password protect a web browser (MS Internet Explorer in particular) to prevent access to the internet for ... unauthorized persons? This is a plant security problem where some off-shift personnel have access to the computer for e-mail but do not need to have access to the web browser. Any help with this matter would be appreciated. " My response: In this case, your best bet is to get in touch with your IT guy at the plant and tell him to restrict ... (view more)

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Reassign PCI COM port?

Infopackets Reader Ric J. writes: " Hi Dennis, I recently tried to install a new PCI modem card in my system. The modem is Plug and Play (PNP) and should automatically configure itself once the drivers are installed. Unfortunately, the modem won't ... properly install on my machine. I went into Device Manager and found that the modem assigned itself to COM1, which was already in use. So my question is: how do I change the COM port so that the modem won't conflict with COM1? " Side note: PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect, or 'personal computer bus'. A COM port is short ... (view more)

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TWAIN compliant graphics editor?, Part 2

Recall -- A few weeks back, Infopackets Reader Brad B. asked if it was possible to transfer his digital camera photo software from his work computer to his home PC: " Dear Dennis, Many years ago, I bought a digital camera that came with the software ... program called 'Camedia'. Unfortunately my computer crashed last year and (worse yet) I can't find the CD to reinstall it on my PC! Before I lost the disc, I managed to install Camedia on the computer at work, and thankfully, it's still working fine. I have tried copying the Camedia files from the work computer to my home computer, but it won ... (view more)

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How to record an audio cassette to CD, Part 2

How do you record audio from a tape cassette to the computer, and finally, to a CD recordable disc? That was the question I asked Infopackets Readers in yesterday's visitor feedback section of the Gazett e. Before I get into the reader's ... submissions, let me first point out that a few users recommended using the Line In port instead instead of the MIC port (as I suggested yesterday), for clarity reasons. Chris M. and Kooby both write: " It is better to use the Line Out or Aux RCA output on the stereo receiver rather than the tape player, because now you could record LP's, radio, or ... (view more)


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