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Microsoft Profits Up, Windows 8 Not the Reason

Last quarter Microsoft profits were up an impressive 19 per cent when compared to the same period last year. However, the company can credit Office software and the Xbox 360, not Windows 8, for that bump. While Microsoft's Windows division showed ... increases in revenue and profits, The Wall Street Journal notes this income was actually earned in the past, with its reporting deferred for accounting purposes. This involved software that allowed the user to receive a free or reduced-price upgrade at a later date. Microsoft chose to not list the full revenue in its accounts at the time of purchase ... (view more)

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Cisco Profits Sink 27% Over Last Quarter

Yet another major tech company has announced severely depressed quarterly profits . Cisco Systems, the network and communications giant that employs 66,000 people, recently revealed that it saw profits fall 27 per cent as the global economy ... continues its slide. According to Cisco, for the three months prior to January 24 the company saw profits dip from $2.1 billion in 2008 to just $1.5 billion this year. As one might expect, quarterly sales were also down, dipping 7.5 per cent from the same period last year. (Source: ) Company shares are down, too. Cisco earnings per share floated ... (view more)

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Direct Revenue: A Spyware Story

If you ask the consumers who have been unlucky enough to encounter software created by Direct Revenue -- and the New York Attorney General -- both would agree that the company's sole purpose is to create Spyware. Located in an unexceptional New York ... apartment, Direct Revenue is a modest corporation cleverly run. So well, in fact, that this humble NYC abode has seen an astounding $100 million dollars in sales since 2002. Profits for Patience Direct Revenue boasts that its Spyware programs -- the weeds that essentially infect a computer with incessant advertisements -- have wormed their way ... (view more)

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