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'Fresh FTP 5.52', and 'Work Progress Bar'

Fresh FTP 5.52 Fresh FTP is a free software tool that allows webmasters to upload or download web files from a remote server. It supports multithreading for simultaneous transfer, file and directory upload, and provides users with the ability to ... resume uploads that have been interrupted for any reason. Work Progress Bar The Work Progress Bar is a unique software gadget for PCs that throughout the day shows how much time your workday has already consumed and effectively counts down until the end of the day. The default is 8.5 working hours per day. This setting ... (view more)

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'Faststone Capture', and 'Fake Progress Bar'

Faststone Capture FastStone Capture is a powerful, flexible and intuitive screen-capture utility. It allows you to capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, full screen, rectangle regions, freehand-selected regions and scrolling ... windows/web pages. It has innovative features such as a floating Capture Panel, hotkeys, resizing, cropping, text annotation, printing, e-mailing, screen magnifier and many more. Fake Progress Bar Trivial, but fun: A Fake Progress dialog for your desktop. Ever wanted your computer to look busy so that you could do something ... (view more)

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