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Google Driverless Car: Seats Two, No Steering Wheel

Google is set to build its own fleet of self-driving cars from scratch. The new autonomous cars will have no steering wheel, which will present significant legal hurdles in order to get them on the streets. To date, Google has been working with ... traditional auto-makers to make what are effectively modified versions of existing vehicles, retrofitted with autonomous technology. The cars, which have been tested on public roads, have the usual steering wheel and pedals; pressing an emergency button allows the driver to take over the controls from the computer instantly. How the Self-driving Cars ... (view more)

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Intel Shows Off World's Fastest Thumb Drive

Do you find the process of accessing content stored on USB sticks a tad too slow? Then you may be interested in what Intel is calling the "world's fastest thumb drive." The chip maker recently showed off the 128 gigabyte (GB) device -- which hasn't ... yet been given a formal name and remains in prototype form -- at the Computex trade show in Taipei, Taiwan. The device uses Thunderbolt technology, which allows it to provide unprecedented data transfer speeds. Intel says this is the first data stick to use the Thunderbolt tech. (Source: ) Thunderbolt Thumb Drive: 2X the Speed of USB 3. ... (view more)

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New Korean Robot Responds to Non-Verbal Commands

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have created a robot prototype that is able to accurately respond to human directions by identifying and reacting to simple motion commands. In a recent demonstration, a ... scientist pushed a toy car and tossed a ball in the direction of the prototype. Confused, the robot flashed a question mark on an attached screen. Without saying a word, the scientist made a throwing motion with his hand and the prototype responded by tossing the ball back to him and ignoring the car. Core System Mirrors Human Brain Activity The ... (view more)

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