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Windows 10 May 2019 Update Brings Triple Trouble

The latest Windows 10 update, which is rolling out now, has thrown up at least three highly reported problems for users. The most significant is that some computers are losing WiFi access. The Windows 10 May 2019 update affects some computers which ... have a Qualcomm WiFi adaptor and don't yet have the latest driver for it. A driver is a small piece of software that helps a hardware device or component interact with an operating system. Some users in this situation have suffered what Microsoft is calling an "intermittent loss of WiFi connectivity." It's responded by blocking the update from ... (view more)

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Trump Blocks Broadcom, Qualcomm Tech Deal

President Trump has blocked a Singapore-based company from taking over a major American tech firm. He says the proposed Broadcom buyout of Qualcomm posed a credible national security risk. The deal would have been the biggest in tech history. ... Qualcomm makes a wide range of computer and gadget components with a particular emphasis on those used in communications devices such as phones. It helped develop key systems used to carry data over cellphone networks, allowing smartphones and tablets to get Internet access without relying on WiFi. Broadcom had offered $140 million to buyout Qualcomm. ... (view more)

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Eudora Rises From The Dead

Eudora is back from the dead. Take that news to any English class and they'll likely think you're referring to famed author Eudora Welty. However, in tech circles Eudora is a well-known email program owned by Qualcomm Inc. (Not surprisingly, it was ... actually named after the author) In the mid-'90s, Eudora was one of the most popular and widely used programs on the Internet. However, it soon got overshadowed by the email software Microsoft bundled with Windows. Web-mail sites -- such as Hotmail and Yahoo Mail -- also took a chunk out of Eudora's market. After many rocky years in the marketplace ... (view more)

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Nokia and Qualcomm Go to War

Nokia Corp., the world's largest mobile phone maker, is asking the United States to stop importing all chipsets made by Qualcomm Inc. along with any other phones and products made by the company. Nokia is also asking the U.S. International Trade ... Commission to start a full-fledged legal investigation of Qualcomm. Why? Nokia claims that Qualcomm has perpetuated unfair trade practices by infringing on their patents. This complaint comes amidst a multinational legal battle between Nokia and Qualcomm that started after the recent expiration of a licensing agreement between the two companies. The ... (view more)

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