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Microsoft Warns of 'Unlikely' Windows 7 Aero Flaw

A new security flaw in Microsoft's very popular Windows 7 operating system (OS) could open users up to a remote code execution and denial-of-service attack, Microsoft said in a security advisory on Tuesday evening. The vulnerability affects only ... 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. The flaw affects the Canonical Display Driver, or CDD.DLL, used in the Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) and DirectX drawing. The vulnerability is tied to the graphics system's desktop composition process. (Source: ) Microsoft: Remote Code Attack "Unlikely" Luckily, it ... (view more)

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23 Security Fixes Just Released: Experts Astounded

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday came and went yesterday, bringing 23 fixes for a number of issues with its popular Office programs Excel and Word. At least several of these have been marked critical and most users should certainly consider the download. ... (Source: ) The most critical of the patches fixes an Excel flaw that could potentially allow a hacker to take remote control of an unpatched system. If an unprotected user opens a malicious and specially crafted Excel file, they could find their computer controlled by someone else effectively exploiting something called an ... (view more)

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Microsoft Unleashes Host of 'Critical' Updates

Microsoft recently released another whack of updates to its software, and many will want to take notice. Of the ten listed vulnerabilities within this June offering are three deemed "critical", another three considered "important" and one ... "moderate". The patch released Tuesday includes three major fixes, including: A vulnerability in Bluetooth Stack that could allow a hacker to make a remote code execution A Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer Like the Bluetooth issue, there's also a fix that patches holes in DirectX which could allow someone to make a remote code execution A ... (view more)


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