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Google Sued Over Restaurant Listings

Google is facing a lawsuit for alleged "deceptive and unfair conduct" in its restaurant listings. The lawsuit claims it tricked users into using third-party delivery services from which it received a cut. Google has rejected the claims and said it ... offers restaurants the chance to get orders direct, with no fee for the search giant. The case centers on a special button reading "Order Online" that appears besides search results for restaurants. It takes users to a custom page which includes details of the restaurant, its address and its menu. The lawsuit says this is an "unauthorized online ... (view more)

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Restaurant: Turn Off Your Phone, Get Big Discount

One restaurant owner is so desperate to rid his fine dining establishment of annoying smartphones that he's established a new rule: if everyone at a table turns off their mobile device, all pay half price for their meals. The incentive is the work ... of Jawdat Ibrahim, a restaurateur based just outside Jerusalem in Israel. Ibrahim says he got really tired of watching couples enter Abu Ghosh, his fine dining restaurant, and spend the entire meal texting or talking to others. In some cases, Ibrahim says people were so distracted by their phones that they had to ask his staff to re-heat their meals ... (view more)

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